About the Artist

Self taught artist, Caleb Hamm. resides in Southern Manitoba. Caleb works in various mediums; chiefly oil, acrylic and gouache. From landscapes and portraits, abstract visions and subconscious excavations, he also adds carving, illustrating, songwriting and poetry to his creative palette. Fusing realism, expressionism, abstract and surrealism, he paints towards a theme of strongly stylized, metaphorical and pragmatic spiritual symbolism. His paintings are strongly influenced by the natural and spiritual world.


10 Responses to “About the Artist”

  1. stunning.

  2. Very gifted .Regards.jalal

  3. sooner or later u will be one of the greatest artist of all the times.

  4. Amazing !! 🙂

  5. Hi, I love your blog and have nominated you for the Liebster Award

  6. truly talented.

  7. Bro you are one gifted individual. Your work is always very powerful. It makes you stop in your track not just because of its aesthetic appeals, but more so the intricate stories that each stroke and shade tells.
    Makes me even more proud of your PNG connection.
    Rock on!

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