Navigating the Channels of Imagination


the scent of imagination stirs and your focus blurs
leading you inward, beyond your recess of thoughts
escaping into that captivating pool of clear light
an open window that emits a breeze of wonder
a simple taste of awe
reawakening the unquenchable dream
and one word latches to the next


a hummed minor note casts off its boat
with a spontaneously whistled melody
impulsive red brushstrokes splash over winter’s stark parchment
this unstoppable progression of creative rhythms
uncovers an unexplainable hunger to chase each paired word
greeting a rhyme with a warm foreign cadence
pacing the night with meditative patience

cigarbox pens  IMG_1542

a chorus emerges from these unexpected urges
each awkward melody forages through recalled mental alleyways
the night’s late hour opens up a yawn of warning
but always choosing to burn on into the silent night
the torch of your dream scalds your fingers
time demands our innocence, our marvel, awe and dreams
but imagination prevails where we feed it


scrawled notations halo over spontaneous creations
words spilling onto the page, crossed out, rearranged
the loose shifting of anchor-less words propose an array of courses
morning light warms the walls of this unraveling maze
but determination grips the pen; fingertip’s dull callous on keys
words are sifted through fingers, tested by truth, rhyme and placement
that squadron of words finds formation and a new song greets a new day


bloodshot eyes and a satisfied smile greet a new sunrise
as routine swallows the light
behind factory doors the moaning gears of repetitious pacing
count the passage of time with its silent eternal patience
the clocks clucking face blurs and ripples into that pool of clear light
those clamoring cogs of mundane duty
cannot drown out the sound of your new song

brushesAll poetry and artwork © Caleb Hamm


~ by calebhamm on November 3, 2015.

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