Homage to the Muse

Music has always played an integral role in my creative process. The Mood, the idea, the movement and style of all my work is strongly influenced by music of all genres. As a singer songwriter I occasionally find myself writing songs about art, so painting pictures with musical subjects only seems reciprocally fitting. Music has the power to evoke endless emotions from its listener. Unbiased and never bound by labels and expectations, music is a powerful muse that forever expresses new creative avenues.

The Fiddler

The Cellist

The Rambler



~ by calebhamm on September 6, 2012.

63 Responses to “Homage to the Muse”

  1. I love the “cellist” beautiful artwork…. All of them are amazing.

  2. Wow. These are very intoxicating, they truly drew me in. Love the use of shadow and light and the depth of details. Nice, really nice.

  3. This are really beautiful works! I wonder if you have anything specifically inspired by bluegrass music?

    • Thanks. I think the closest to bluegrass would be the Rambler, which was partly inspired by an old time country busker who was a roommate of mine.

  4. These are amazing! ❤

  5. Interesting art work by Caleb!

  6. Art and music play such a big role in my writing. I love to look at photographs and paintings to get ideas for stories, and the right music gets me in the mood for writing.

    Really like the Troubadour!

  7. Beautiful, thanks for sharing. I also feel a real connection with your painting “The Troubadour”. Your paintings do have a real musical feel to them, besides the obvious subject matter. Would be nice to see a video of your music put to images of your paintings.

  8. Really wonderful artwork. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Music, the tuning fork of the universe. Keeps us in harmony!

    Love, the pictures!

  10. I especially enjoy the rambler looks liek the type of guy you would see on my highstreet playing guitar :p.

    • Thank you! Good to hear too, because I was hoping he’d remind people of the buskers we so often take for granted. 🙂 They beautify our world, so often, for free.

  11. My favourite is the rambler.

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  13. music soothes the soul and allows us to connect to each other. Beautiful images.

  14. I love “The Troubadour.”

  15. […] Music and Art? […]

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  17. All amazing but I like “Troubador” the best…I think of Shawn Colvin…but “Rambler” fits her too cause in her memoir she shared that her family has a Rambler station wagon…but they all evoke that core sense of bond between person and instrument and the fundamental need to express ourselves through the beatuy of music, word and visual art forms…I would suggest that you embed a few of your musical pieces with the art pieces to which they most closely relate…thank you for sharing!

  18. Beautiful, beautiful artwork! (and the one of the guy with the guitar, that’s like exactly me…)

  19. Hi Caleb, my poetry is greately influenced by music, so I really appreciate the truth in this piece. Good story & art!

  20. I really enjoyed your post, and your art. The colors, lines, and textures are nicely done. Thank you, for sharing. 🙂

  21. You are very talented! I particularly love the cellist. Thank you for sharing!

  22. Beautiful artwork and awesome topic. Congrats on being freshly pressed!

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    Yes yes yeeeeeees. Those are wonderful. — J.W.

  24. Such beautiful work. I especially loved the Troubadour!

  25. Beautiful…

  26. Wonderful paintings. I’m with you…music and art inspire my writing. They are all tied together. Great post!

  27. great work

  28. Great work to find on an early morning browse. 🙂

  29. Hi Caleb, nice pictures: I particularly like ‘The Fiddler’ which looks like it could be an album cover from the ’70s; Fairport Convention, or Jon Anderson maybe.. I’m fascinated by the synergy between music and other art forms, and as an old fart who still appreciates the old vinyl/CD packaging – I haven’t really succumbed to the download bug, yet – I’m always impressed by artists who can create a really strong brand encompassing their music, album art, stage show etc… Pet Shop Boys, Tool, New Order, Yes, Porcupine Tree and Depeche Mode have all exemplified this well at one time or another. But the first act that sprung to mind was Talk Talk, whose recent biog/coffee table book I purchased: their timeless music and James Marsh’s painting are a match made in musical heaven.

    Look forward to seeing/reading some more posts from you,


    • I’m particularly fond of album covers from that era. I think the synergy you speak of is something often lacking in the music industry nowadays, but that probably has much to do with the download craze where the art seems to be non existent.

  30. Beautiful work Caleb! I Particularly love the Fiddler and the Troubadour. Thanks for sharing this.

  31. A-mazing!! Seriously, wonderful!! Congrats on being Freshly Pressed, you deserve it!

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  33. I guessing by how far I had to scroll down you’re are no doubt well aware of your talent…but it is so worth repeating….Beautiful Work. I love “The Rambler” & “The Troubadour”. They both remind me of a friend back in the city, Campfire Doug.

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